As a game artist at Couch Cosmonauts, I created a team logo and and banner in cooperation with the marketing team. The aim of this logo was to capturethe team's serious dedication to craft and our camaraderie as a group.

This was an exciting project to work on, as it involved a large amount of feedback and discussion as I narrowed my initial ideas into something that captured the spirit of our team.


Logo Development


These patches were the very first sketches of a possible logo. Though originally I wanted to include a full squad of bears, as befitting the plural name and sense of community within the team, it became quickly apparent that it was too much to fit in one logo - especially if we wanted something that could read well at small scales.


This patch was the final attempt to make a four-bear logo work. Even after losing the couch, the image was too crowded - and so I resolved to focus on one bear for the logo and work with four for the banner.


First pass of a single-bear logo. This image, while much easier to read, required further tweaks. Some on the team complained of it feeling too much like 'Winnie the Pooh' - so I started exploring other colors and other silhouettes for the bear.


Several new versions later, we settled on using the original colors but with a new, sterner bear. Perhaps some of the variations will show up again for special events?


Doing so much exploration got me excited about variations, so I assembled several new bear ideas, to populate the banner. The team voted on their favorites - and Gorliva, Urton, and Andran were chosen to join Dorva (now designated as the logo bear) for our banner.




The banner went through several variations, but the elements stayed largely consistent. The biggest jump came with the new bears and a more dynamic composition. As I sketched out that new composition, I found myself completing a larger image outside the banner's dimensions - creating a poster.


The final change to the banner and poster was the stark black background - though it pained me to remove the clouds and atmospheric effects, the feedback I received was clear and the image is stronger for the simplicity.